PILATES WITH PROPS - Hosted by Lisa Armstrong   

Local  Level  3 Mat & Small Equipment , Pilates Barre &  Pure Stretch Instructor @ Maple Hall - Monday lunchtimes  12.15 - 13.15

In my class you will enjoy doing Joseph Pilates  Mat  34 moves  with small equipment. Each term there is a different piece of equipment  to work with ranging from  stretch bands,  weighted balls . soft balls. gliders, poles  hoops and so much more.. 

You will enjoy a fun pre-choreographed work- out that assists the body but challenges it too as you move in and out of that beautiful Pilates c shape - opening up  the spine creating length and openness through the body  strengthening.your core and allowing that strength to radiate out to the arms and legs too.   So it is always a full body workout designed to lengthen and strengthen  whilst building up your stamina and  improving your balance and core control.

Pilates with Props  caters for intermediate and beginner level Pilates practitioners  as we work and flow through all the levels. So there is definitely something for everyone!  We're a friendly group who enjoy sharing our love for Pilates together.

And just like any mat Pilates class you will still be guided through all the key Pilates principles; breath, centring , flow and alignment as we work to reset our posture and connect wit  the mind and body.. And I promise you . you will go away feeling revitalised taller and stronger too!

So If this sounds like an interesting work-out to you to help kick-start your week whilst embracing the joy of movement again but moving the pilates way- in an aligned controlled fashion– then why not give this a go!!

I would love to hear from you and can offer you a FREE class trial too.

All enquiries to : lisapilates325@gmail.com or call me on 07764 390705