A Brief History of the Hall

The Maple Hall was built in 1953 to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the second.

An association was created and a subscription of 1d (an old penny) was raised from everyone on the Three Arch Bridge Estate towards the cost. Of course there were plenty of tradespeople on the estate and they mucked in, digging foundations, building walls, laying floors and all the other myriad jobs that needed doing to get the hall open.

The hall as been going strong ever since and in 2020 the association registered as a charity to help us take the work of the hall on for the next 60 years.

Remember Coronation Chicken???

The coronation was a chance to celebrate after years of war and more years of austerity.

Rationing didn't finally end until a year later in 1954

HD and Fibre Broadband were yet to come (maybe that's why so many people were keen to help ).

If you remember the building or opening of the Hall, or have some Stories or pics of the Hall over the years..........

do let us know.